Tibco began thirty years ago with a middleware product that shared data between applications. It grew based on success in the financial industry integrating data between financial systems. The company’s skill in integration expanded into manufacturing and industry. Tibco now produces system agnostic integration and analytics products for any business.

Tibco uses a suite of pre-built connectors to connect data sources. Connectors exist for a huge range of applications, databases and platforms including Twitter, RDBMS, Salesforce, Dropbox, AWS products, Google offerings, LDAP, and Microsoft applications. Data sources on-premise, in the cloud, Internet of Things or API’s can all be connected with Tibco.

Once data sources are connected, Tibco offers analytics, reporting and custom dashboards for business intelligence. Visual and streaming analytics products provide multiple ways to view and analyze data and trends.

Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse

Custom applications can be built with Tibco’s development environment.

Tibco and ETL

With this wide array of connectors and analysis tools, Tibco products can perform ETL operations in virtually any environment. Tibco BusinessEvents can be used to create ETL processes with event driven transformations. Or streaming analytics can analyze data in real-time. Tibco offers StreamBase and a Live DataMart for continuous analysis on incoming data.

How a business chooses to implement these products depends on several factors:

  • The data sources involved.
  • The type of analysis needed.
  • What platforms are currently in production.
  • Internal development resources available.
  • Historical data environments.
  • Business goals.

Tibco’s products are intended to reduce data silos and make any business data available for analysis and decision making. ETL becomes another type of data analytics and integration. The trend to integrate ETL processes with other business intelligence offerings continues across the software industry.

Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse