Syncsort is is a global software company offering a suite of technologies including big data and data quality solutions, sorting products, and data integration services for Hadoop, Windows, UNIX, Linux, and mainframe systems.

Tracing back to a small company offering mainframe software in 1963, Syncsort quickly recognized the burden on IT to extract value from a continual avalanche of data. In the years to come, Syncsort leveraged its mainframe experience and included data integration and big data solutions to address these rising challenges.

Syncsort’s DMExpress technology earned the ETL World Record in 2008, transferring 5.4TB of raw data into a Vertica Analytic Database on an HP c-class BladeSystem in just 57 minutes.

Syncsort History

Syncsort can be traced back to 1968, when founders Duane Whitlow and Stan Rintel began developing software for mainframe computers.

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While developing an airlines reservations system, Whitlow developed a sort solution that managed to provide a smaller footprint and better performance than IBM's existing sort utility.

In the 1970s, SyncSort established a dominant position in the mainframe market, competing with IBM’s sort solution and captured over 50% of the North American mainframe market. SyncSort also extended its functionality to DOS and CMS, and began utilizing dynamic optimization algorithms.

In the 1990s, Syncsort released a Unix-based sort utility and a backup product and in 2004, introduced DMExpress, which added core ETL (extract, transform, load) integration capabilities and metadata management. In 2008, DMExpress was awarded the ETL world speed record.

By 2013, Syncsort had established itself as a “Big Iron to Big Data” company, with technologies that require less manual tuning and while maintaining performance. Also in 2013, Syncsort acquired Circle Computer Group, to facilitate migration of mainframe data.

In 2015, Syncsort acquired William Data Systems, and announced Ironstream®, a product that delivers real-time mainframe data to Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud. In 2016, Syncsort acquired Trillium Software, a leading global provider of data quality solutions.

Syncsort Solutions

Syncsort’s product suite can be grouped into big data, data quality, mainframe, and sort technologies.

Big Data

Syncsort’s big data solutions allow collection, preparation, blending, transformation and distribution of data with or without Hadoop; on premises or in the cloud.

Products include:

  • DMX: A ETL engine supporting data transformation from RDMBS, Mainframe, NoSQL, the cloud, Hadoop, and more.
  • DMX-h: A big data integration solution designed for Hadoop, and also supports Hadoop, Spark, Linux, Unix, and Windows.
  • DMX Change Data Capture: A solution for keeping the data lake in sync with changes made on the mainframe, so big data information is available for analytics.
  • IronstreamⓇ: A solution for operational insights including IT Operational Analytics (ITOA), Security Information and Event Management (SEIM) and IT Service Intelligence (ITSI). The solution allows collection of data from SMF, RMF, Syslog and other z/OS sources, and forwarding of the data to Splunk® in real time.

Data Quality

This set of solutions utilizes Trillium Software products to for data transformation and standardization capabilities. This product suite supports strategic organizational initiatives such as data governance, customer 360, Big Data, data enrichment and validation, and more.

Products include:

  • Trillium Software System: A data quality management solution offering real-time collaboration, flexible delivery and deployment options and scaling to big data.
  • Trillium Cloud: A supporting infrastructure for Trillium products, minimizing administration and implementation efforts.
  • TS Quality for Hadoop: A data quality management solution for Hadoop, which allows to deploy a scalable, multi-domain data quality solution in the Hadoop environment.
  • Trillium Precise: A solution offering data enrichment, validation and verification for third-party data sources including email, phone (landline and mobile), postal address and internet connectivity.
  • See the Data Quality product category for additional products.


A set of solutions for mainframe management and integration, including network management and security monitoring, z/OS sort, data streaming and logging, zIIP offload, and more.

Products include:

  • MFXⓇ: A sort solution for Z systems, including resource-efficient sort, merge, copy, and join technology.
  • IronstreamⓇ: An automatic forwarder of log data to the Splunk analytics platform, which provides full visibility into IT infrastructure.
  • ZPSaver: A set of utilities to offload copy, SMS compression and sort jobs to zIIP processors, which reduces workload on the main CPU.
  • Zen Suite: A product suite for customizable network performance management, monitoring, alerting, tracing, reporting, and security.
  • See the Mainframe product category for additional products.


A set of solutions offering sort technology for various platforms.

Products include:

  • DMX Sort Edition: A sort technology for moving sort jobs between Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms with full backward compatibility.
  • DMX AppMod Edition: Includes all of the functionality of DMX Sort plus additional features to aid in mainframe application modernization projects.
  • MFX for Mainframe: Offering high-performance sort for z systems, and is plug compatible with the IBM sort technology.

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