Striim is a real-time, streaming analytics and data integration platform. This allows analysis while data is “in-flight”. In addition, Striim can detect data patterns and anomalies, create and monitor metrics, and provide replication validation. Upstream analytics and streaming data pipelines are ways that developers are changing the Extract-Transform-Load process to accommodate larger data sources and rapidly changing data.

Striim and Streaming Transformations

As the volume of data and the need for real-time analysis grows, the traditional ETL models strain to keep up. Rather than invest in faster traditional ETL tools and larger data clusters, corporations are turning to streaming transformations. Striim is one such solution. Streaming transformations look for data changes in your systems and use them to make correlated changes in the analytics database. Striim uses non-intrusive, real-time data capture on data changes.

Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse

These changes can be extracted from a variety of systems and integrated without impacting data sources.

Striim Data Integration

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What is Striim?

Striim is intended for heterogeneous data environments, from cloud-based to in-memory. It allows access to structured and unstructured data with real-time data pipelines and provides data visualization. Striim uses a SQL-based coding platform with added streaming semantics for pipeline development. The product also has wizards, pre-built integrations and a highly visual user interface for an easier learning curve and quicker utilization. The Striim approach provides ETL and analysis capabilities in many areas:

  • Big Data: You can feed Big Data solutions continuously with pre-processed, real-time streams for improved analysis and comparison of historical vs current data. Striim also integrates with machine learning solutions for more complex analysis capabilities.
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration and Analytics: Data pipelines from cloud-based, on-premise and Big Data sources provide views of all business data. These pipelines can be automated to enhance and optimize your cloud solutions.
  • Real-Time Integration: Striim integrates data from batch and transactional systems in a variety of data formats. By using log files, sensors and messaging systems Striim provides a comprehensive view of your systems.
  • Detecting Patterns and Anomalies: In using all of these diverse data sources, Striim can detect pattern changes and anomalies more quickly. Operational risks and opportunities can be seen earlier. In addition, this detection enhances enterprise security.
  • Creating and Monitoring Metrics: Build real-time dashboards for a comprehensive view of your operational systems.
  • Internet of Things: Striim’s real-time data pipelines provide the opportunity to gain insights from IoT devices in use. This enhances integration and analysis and improves cybersecurity.
  • Replication Validation and Monitoring: With Striim’s real-time pipelines you can identify replication problems quickly to prevent data loss.

Striim’s capabilities may be used for operational analytics, monitoring and ETL solutions. Business systems continue to expand, data continues to grow and companies benefit from multi-use systems. Data integration combined with analytics is a powerful tool for business intelligence.

Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse