Pervasive ETL Software

Pervasive ETL Software include data integration tools minimizng costs connected with system changing and making integration more efficient. They are designed for small and large companies. Easy-to-use graphical mapping interfaces increases work speed and allows developers to increase productivity.

Pervasive Data Integrator

Pervasive Data Integrator is enviroment which develops functionality for data aggreagating and data movement automating. It could load high performance data warehouse as well as smaller data parts. Unified toolset lets manage integration of many applications and operational data stores. Pervasive Integration Engine supports designing multi-step processes, that can be execute automaticaly. If any errors will apear during the process there are logging or rollback operations avalible. Data integrator supports "upsert" operation, so high-speed operations can be more efficient. Multithreading is also supported.

Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse

There is possibility to define rules for complex data aggregation, so multiple elements can be changed by one-pass writing. Pervasive Data Integrator support connectivity to all major databases, common CRM, ERP and COBOL sources.
Data Integrator's capabilities, like real-time continuous integration, native connectivity or legacy conversion, make creating integration solutions simpler.

Pervasive application integration develops functionality to integrate multiple applications (inside or outside of organisation). Enterprise Service Bus, Service Oriented Architecture and point-to-point architectures are supported. Environment can be f.e. used for point-to-point exchange between applications or building message queue for ESB.
Pervarsive solutions are transport independent and support "listening" for data arrival(f.e. from FTP folders). Application integration solution offers capabilities like real time processing, support for "multi mode" and "mass insert" options, increasing database connectivity, application messages validation, ability to keep data objects in buffered memory (for increasing processing speed).

Pervasive Business Integrator

Pervasive Business Integrator supports creating processes taking care of translating documents and moving them among the system. It includes some handy functionalities like advanced messages processing, connectivity to databases or xml format, component checking if there is some data arriving, support for systems of trading partners.

Pervasive Business Integrator lets users create and manage message processing and moving. It provides possibility of connection for major ERP systems (like SAP). Business Integrator uses standard data exchange formats (f.e. XML), supports Java framework and every JMS-compliant queue. Continuous, real time processing is supported. With Business Integrator there is possibility of making scalable integration infrastructure using integration model. This structure can be used in SOA or ESB projects. Messages moving between applications are validating. Pervasive Integration Manager owns management console which helps using this tool.

Data Profiler

Data Profiler is tool that monitore data and identify quality risks. It is available as Pervasive ETL module, but can be used as stand alone application as well. Data problems, when found too late, fe. during project testing, may cause huge problems. Becouse of continuous data quality testing, Data Profiler can prevent them. It improves quality and speed of software production by eliminating expensive and less efficient manual data validating processes. Data Profiler support multiple data platforms (more than 150 adapters), reduses costly and time-consuming refactoring by isolating unsafe data, eliminates intermediate data storage by data formats audit (Effective engine allows large transitional datasets audit), improve organizations internal control, and increase value of final products.

Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse