JasperETL is considered to be one of the easiest solutions for data integration, cleansing, transformation and movement on the market. It is a data integration platform-ready-to-run and

high performing, that can be used by any organization. JasperETL is not a sole data integration tool, but it is a part of the Jaspersoft Business Inteligence Suite. Its capabilities can be used when there is a need for:

  • aggregation of large volumes of data form various data sources;
  • scaling a BI solution to include data warehouses and data marts;
  • boosting of preformance by off-loading query and analysis form systems.

    JasperETL provides an impressive set of capabilities to perform any data integration task. It extracts and transforms data from multiple systems with both consistency and accuracy, and loads it into optimized store.

    Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse

    It is called “star” or “snowflake” schema data marts and warehouses and keeps pace smoothly with the performance of the rest of ETL tools' leaders.


    Thanks to the technology of JasperETL, it is possible for database architects and data store administrators to:

  • use the modeler of the business to get access to a non-technical view of the workflow of information;
  • display and edit the ETL process using a graphical editing tool - Job Designer;
  • define complex mapping and transformation using Transformation Mapper and other components;
  • be able to generate portable Java or Perl code which can be exectued on any machine;
  • track ETL statistics from start to finish using real-time debugging;
  • allow simultaneous input and output to and from various sources using flat files, XML files, web services, databases and servers with a multitude of connectors;
  • make configurations of heterogenous data sources and complex data formats (incl. positional, delimited, XML and LIDF with metadata wizards);
  • use the AMC (Activity Monitoring Console) to monitor data volumes, execution time and job events.

    Since data integration is one of the biggest costs of a BI solution, JasperETL advertises its offer as the most reasonably-priced one on the market. It is said to reduce both the costs of ownership and the complexity of an IT infrastructure.

    What is exceptional about JasperETL is that this ETL tool allows its users to design, schedule and execute data movements graphically. If projects are however more complex, licenced customers can share metadata and their developments using the muli-user repository. JasperETL enables its users (specifically organizations) to develop, manage and document processes of data integration for more accurate and analytical online reporting and processing with JasperServer and JasperAnalysis. JasperETL can also be used as a stand-alone tool to provide comprehensible capabilities for systems and applications.

    Jasper ETL benefits

    Main benefits of using JasperETL are:

  • affordability (available through a low-cost subscription);
  • productivity (easy to manage and create data integration);
  • performance (proven superior performance over many commercial ETL tools);
  • scalability (ideal for small and medium-size businesses).

    Through its support of open source BI projects (e.g. JasperReports, JasperETl or JasperServer), JasperSoft enhances its open source offerings and provides a low cost on entry for any organization wishing to integrate BI solutions.

    Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse