Information Builders - iWay Software

Even though it's now more than 35 years old, Information Builders isn't the name which people from outside the software market know about commonly. The company, which - in fact - is quite a famous one, has significantly less customers than both IBM and Informatica, but it also provides interesting solutions for ETL and data integration.

Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse

Its subsidiary, iWay Software, offers such products as iWay Service Manager, iWay DataMigrator, iWay DataMigrator CDC, iWay Universal Adapter Suite, followed with some data quality and data governance solutions.


  • physical data movement capabilities
  • real-time integration
  • data federation
  • connectivity
  • ease of use
  • support for cloud and big data computing
  • support for social media analytics
  • interoperability
  • partnership with meaningful software and hardware vendors

Information Builders-iWay Software provides a solid base for most data migration and integration challenges as well as physical data movement and delivery, which is possible thank to DataMigrator tool. Service Manager on the other hand enables real-time and message-oriented data integration, while iWay Data Hub enables data federation. What's new about Information Builders-iWay Software products is ease of use appreciated by customers who - simultaneously - agree that they get what they expected as presented in the advertisements.

iWay solutions are made in the way which supports the newest trends in the market, especially the cloud computing. What else is important is support for big data computing so that the software can be used even for the largest deployments. Strategy of the company is to combine data integration, data management, and data governance. Multiple and differentiated connectivity adapters in iWay solutions are meant to support bidirectional flow of data, resulting in data captures, data analytics, and data delivery in the most efficient possible way. In a consequence, users of Information Builders-iWay Software products can benefit from way more than just data integration itself.

Even though Information Builders might not be the most recognizable name in the industry, the company has a wide net of partners among software and hardware vendors all over the world. Therefore, iWay products are used more and more often, and the expansion continues. Good support and service, current architecture-friendly framework, and plenty of adapters and connectors are another advantages of this solution.

iWay Weaknesses

  • not competitive famous
  • lack of market recognition
  • business processes understanding and technical standards issues
  • lack of experience

The biggest problem of Information Builders-iWay Software is its lack of market recognition. In comparison to Informatica or Datastage, iWay products look like completely unknown. Even though in some niches iWay's share is significantly bigger than IBM's or Informatica's, in customer awareness there still is not a lot of place for iWay. However, the customers are more and more likely to trust the new competitor which is a chance for iWay.

Some people, who had a chance to work with Information Builders-iWay Software, point out that there still is quite a lot of work to be done in case of understanding business processes as well as technical standards.

Even though the support provided by Information Builders-iWay Software is generally rated good by customers, a lot of them point out that they expect more at the beginning, especially in case of help during the acquisition, implementation methodology understanding, and so on. It's especially important if followed with lack of vendor's famous. The matter of trust here is meaningful and the advantage of more respected software vendors is undoubted. Some difficulties in understanding the development process result in its elongation. As a result, time needed for establishing iWay products is longer than in case of solutions delivered by other, more experienced vendors. However, it's likely to change in a nearly future.

Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse