BusinessObjects Data Integrator

The use of reliable and correct data is crucial for the business users and requires guarantee of data quality and both proper and constant controls and providing lineage of the data. Delivery of trusted information requires the process of data integration which enables data management to be smoothly performed thanks to e.g. finding sources of data, correcting errors, making changes. BusinessObjects Data Integrator (BODI) is a complex tool which provides a lot of options in data manipulation.

    BusinessObjects Data integration process is divided into the following operations:
  1. Data unification
  2. Data profiling
  3. Data auditing
  4. Data cleansing

Data unification

BusinessObjects Data Integration lets users operate and make changes in the data quickly and easily.

Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse

Thanks to the unique and helpful solutions it allows to integrate data from the source to the end-user reports and analysis and is crucial to establish the lineage of the data and changes to the data sources. The possibility of monitoring the whole process starting from the results to the data sources enables to find out directly which data origins from which source. It is useful not only to deliver trusted and reliable information but also to have an outlook on overall architecture.
BusinessObjects Data Integrator makes possible quick and trouble-free updating and creating the universes objects (using the BusinessObjects Data Integrator Designer tool). Those actions are facilitated thanks to specific information (column descriptions, data catalogue information) that is loaded into the universes and which help to build the universes easily. All the changes and the data lineage that are easy to be checked cause reduction of time consumption and labour-intensity of objects management, metadata sharing and updating. But it is not only useful for building or updating universes but the end user can see how their data was transformed.
Another Data Integrator tool provided by SAP BusinessObjects is Data Mart Accelerator for Crystal Reports. It allows to extract data from the Crystal Reports instance to aggregate-aware tables automatically. In addition, owing to creation of a time dimension it is possible to perform constantly trend-based analysis.

Data Profiling

BusinessObject Data Integrator has got a well developed instrument for operating in the design environment. The Designer program can be used for the majority of designing operations such as data mapping, transformations and ETL logics as well as for creating workflow and data flows. The developer who works with the Designer tool can create, preview and configure complex data profiles with minimum of efficiency and time. And what is unique, the developer can view the results before and after they are extracted or transformed without leaving the design environment.

Data validation

Data validation is one of the most essential elements of the trusted information delivery. To provide accurate information is to be sure that there is no erroneous or unreliable data. The BusinessObject Data Integration process helps to identify and then correct or reject incorrectness, NULL value data or out of range data. It is very useful when specific records or column needs to be validated by means of the changed rules.

Data Auditing

Process of data auditing consists in verifying data integrity, especially if the data is read, processed and loaded successfully. BusinessObject Data Integrator allows to build audit statistics in accordance with the specific categories (sum, average or row count) and then confront them with the established business rules.

Data cleansing

With Data Integrator it is possible to maintain data quality through data correcting, standardizing and consolidating. The process of cleansing data is particularly important because of common errors in consumers contact information. According to the data integration process it is possible to validate address information by parsing, matching and merging.

Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse