Ab Initio ETL

The Ab Initio software is a Business Intelligence platform containing six data processing products: Co>Operating System, The Component Library, Graphical Development Environment, Enterprise Meta>Environment, Data Profiler and Conduct>It. It is a powerful graphical user interface-based parallel processing tool for ETL data management and analysis.

Co>Operating System

Ab Initio Co>Operating System is a foundation for all Ab Initio applications and provides a general engine for integration of all kinds of data processing and communication between all the tools within the platform. It runs on OS/390, zOS on Mainframe, Unix, Linux, and Windows. It enables distributed and parallel execution, platform-independent data transport, estabilishing checkpoints and monitoring of the process. It implements data excution paralellism by using data paralellism, component paralellism and piepline paralellism.

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This tool also assures high data processing capability and provides speedups proportional to hardware resources available.

Component library

The Ab Initio Component Library is a reusable software module for sorting, data transformation, and high-speed database loading and unloading. This is a flexible and extensible tool which adapts at runtime to the formats of records entered and allows creation and incorporation of new components obtained from any program that permits integration and reuse of external legacy codes and storage engines.

Graphical Development Environment (GDE)

Graphical Development Environment provides an intuitive graphical interface for editing and executing applications. You can easily drag-and-drop components from the library onto a canvas, configure them and connect them into flowcharts. They are not only an abstract diagram but also actual architecture of various ETL functions. All the graphs contain a program function and channel data flow in one direction. This allows the graphs to run in a parallel processing environment. Then the programs can be directly executed with Co>Operating System. Ab Initio also allows monitoring of running applications, and makes it easy to quantify data volumes and execution times of the programs to investigate the opportunities for improved performance. You can also write Ab Initio programs using text editors instead of Graphical Development Environment and then execute them with Co>Operating System.

Enterprise Meta>Environment (EME)

Ab Initio Enterprise Meta>Environment is a data store with additional functions of tracking changes in developed graphs and metadata used in their development. It can also provide a feedback of how the data is used and preliminary classify data. It presents in a graphic way the process of data changes in graphs and its influence on another graphs, which is called data impact analysis. Additionally, Enterprise Meta>Environment manages the configuration and changes of the code to assure immutable functions of the graphs. It also offers tools such as dependence analysis, metadata management, statistical analysis, and version controlling.

Data Profiler

The Data Profiler is an analytical application that can specify data range, scope, distribution, variance, and quality. It runs in a graphic environment on top of the Co>Operating system.


Ab Initio Conduct>It is a high-volume data processing systems developing tool. It enables combining graphs from Graphical Development Environment with custom scripts and programs from other vendors.

Connect all your data sources to any data warehouse