Sybase ETL

Sybase ETL application has been designed for loading the data from the source systems, transferring them to data sets, and in result, loading those transformed data to target data warehouse or database. ETL solution is characterized by easiness of operating and a high level of scalability, which has been obtained because of the unique GRID architecture which the platform is based on.

The new generation of Sybase ETL application – Transform on Demand, provides the automation of data integration, by means of the unique method (Draw, Simulate, and Execute). This application doesn’t require any programming. Furthermore, it enables design, monitoring and planning the data processing, depending on the user’s needs. The complex simulation environment allows tracking down errors, which have occurred within data flow, and make the necessary transformations to prevent the damage of target data.

ETL as a service for Redshift

Sybase ETL benefits

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Uncertain future of Sybase ETL

According to a statement made in March 2009 by Sybase, the future of their ETL product is rather negative. It says that now Sybase ETL can be used only by Sybase IQ users who have license for that product. Because of that some users will be forced to obtain another ETL, or even more than one, for different targets than Sybase IQ instances. Although it is quite obvious that the Sybase ETL is exclusively used by Sybase users it will hinder their work and exporting the data to other parts of their information system will be impossible to carry through. It seams like every single target needs a different tool, which is similar to an old hand-coded system.

ETL as a service for Redshift