Adeptia ETL Suite

Adeptia ETL Suite (AES) is a graphical, easy-to-use data mapping solution that is ideal for aggregating data from multiple sources to populate databases and data warehouses for Business Intelligence solutions. AES is a comprehensive solution that combines data transport with powerful metadata management and data transformation capability.

AES platform components

Adeptia ETL consists of three distinct components. It has a web-based Design Studio that provides wizard-driven, graphical ability to document data rules as they relate to validations, mapping and edits. This tool includes a library of functions which can be pre-created and reused again and again.

ETL as a service for Redshift

Data Mapper has a preview capability to see actual source and target data, while the rules are being specified, if the source data file is available.
The second component is the Service Repository where all the rules and mapping objects are saved.
The third component is the Run-time Execution Engine where the mapping rules and data flow transactions are executed on incoming data files and messages.

Adeptia ETL Suite key components The diagram represents the key components of Adeptia ETL suite in a greater detail.

Key Features of Adeptia ETL Suite

What makes Adeptia ETL Suite unique?

ETL as a service for Redshift